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"Ntv early start" SPD leader: Eskene Jamaica should be abolished by the Green and FDP

“Ntv early start” SPD leader: Eskene Jamaica should be abolished by the Green and FDP

SPD boss “NTV early start”
Esken Jamaica is a green and FDP.

The SPD wins the federal election, but the Chancellor is dependent on the Greens and the FDP. Party leader Esken rejects initial deals with potential partners. She sees no basis for a union-led government.

SPD leader Saskia Esken expects the Greens and the FDP to reject the Jamaica coalition led by CDU leader Armin Lashet. As NSDN “early start” Esken said, “It’s amazing how you want to elect a blatantly defeated president. The union has no government mandate.” That’s amazing. ”The Conservatives lost all their compasses and were on the opposition bench.

SPD leader Greens demanded that they show strong commitment to the SPD as their preferred coalition partner. There was such a commitment before the election. The Greens have pointed out that election programs are largely intertwined, for example the fight against the minimum wage and child poverty. “Now let’s see what these announcements mean.”

Esken expects Green and FDP not to conduct any preliminary studies for a potential traffic light alliance. It goes without saying that the SPD just calls for exploratory talks. The Bureau and the Board of Directors will meet today to discuss what the invitations will look like. “We’re not sitting at the cat table.” FDP leader Christian Lindner had asked the Greens to speak first between the two parties. The greens were open to this.

When asked about the potential red lines for a traffic light alliance with the Greens and the FDP, Esken noted that the minimum wage would be increased to at least twelve euros. FDP boss Lindner must also accept the serious fight against child poverty. “I’m sure we’ll find alliance partners there too.” The SPD chief rejected the FDP’s demands for tax cuts. For example, climate protection and infrastructure require large investments. “The FDP’s tax savings plans, which generate less than 90 billion euros a year, are totally opposed to this.”

Important topics are the fight against climate change and digitization, which, according to Esken, do not only serve companies. But she was willing to make concessions from her party. “The Basic Compromise of Politics.” SPD is in talks with projects from its future plan. “Then we’ll see how far we can come.”

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