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Nunn Alvarez defeats Novacemente and regains the Women's Futsal League Cup – Futsal

Nunn Alvarez defeats Novacemente and regains the Women's Futsal League Cup – Futsal

He wins the title for the second time in his history

• Photo: Popular Front for Liberation

Nonfarres won the Women's Futsal League Cup on Sunday, then beat Novacemente 3-2 in a thrilling match, with the decisive goal, scored by Katia Morgado, arriving with just 15 seconds remaining.

The Fafe team, which reached all four finals of the competition, but only won the cup in 2021/22, showed its greatest experience, building on a “double” from Katia Morgado, but faced a young, aggressive team that was up to the challenge.

Both teams were, from the start, in the heat of the final, playing a close game, with constant movement close to both goals, putting both goalkeepers to the test.

Although Nunn Alvarez showed a slight upward trend, it was Novacemente who opened the scoring in the eighth minute, with a beautiful first-time shot from Catarina Lopez, after a free kick taken by Nancy Freitas.

Favi's side responded shortly after, with two shots from Ana Pires, but goalkeeper Vanessa Carvalho, who impressed in the semi-final against Benfica, blocked them with excellent tackles.

In the 12th minute, Nunn Alvarez's persistence paid off, with some happiness in the mix, as Ana Perez's free-kick deflected off Carol Rocha, restoring the tie.

This move reduced the confidence of the Espinho team, which began to open more gaps in its defense, which Noun Alvarez took advantage of, in the 14th minute, to convert a technical goal by Katia Morgado, with the “hat,” to the opposite. Goalkeeper, making the score 2-1 in the first half.

In the second half, Novacemente entered with double the ambition to try to recover and with greater attacking flair, even threatening to equalize on some occasions designed by Carolina Rocha, Lidia Fortes and Tuca, who failed to achieve their goal.

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The effort of the Espinhense team in attack began to be felt in some gaps in the defence, which Nunn Alvarez, who is very quick on the counter-attack, exploited.

Two shots hit the crossbar, from Ana Azevedo and Ana Pires, who also missed another goal from an open goal, plus a series of moves where Novasimante's goalkeeper Vanessa Carvalho excelled, bringing Alfavensis closer to goal. A goal, but in the 37th minute everything changed.

On a Novasemente counter-attack, Lídia Fortes isolated herself, but was brought down by goalkeeper Maria Odete, with a poorly calculated clearance, earning her a straight red card.

Taking advantage of the numerical advantage, Espinho's team, soon after, salvaged the tie with a shot from Toca, who re-launched the challenge.

Nunn Alvarez returned to his shooting form, creating a number of chances, but only regained the decisive advantage 15 minutes from time, on a counter-attack completed by Katia Morgado, who scored twice in the match and made the final score 3-2. .

The match was held in the Póvoa de Varzim municipal pavilion.

Seeded again – Nunn Alvarez, 2-3.

First half: 1-2.


1-0 Catarina Lopez in the 8th minute.

1-1, Carol Rocha, 12 (own goal).

1-2, Katia Morgado, 14 years old

2-2, Toca, 37.

2-3, Katia Morgado, 40.


– once again: Vanessa Carvalho, Jr., Lidia Moreira, Carolina Rocha, and Joanna Moreira. Nancy Freitas, Diana Montero, Junior, Lara Nieves, Catarina Lopez, Ana Rita Silva, Toca, Sofía Castro and Marta Teixeira also played.

Coach: Ricardo Rodriguez.

– Noon Alvarez: Maria Audite, Bruna Franklin, Ana Azevedo, Katia Morgado, and Bisco. Sofía Reis, Ana Pires, Mariana Márquez, Katia Balona, ​​María Costa, Carla Vanessa, Tania Souza and Liana Alves also played.

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Coach: Luis Silva

the reviewer: Eduardo Coelho (AF Aveiro) and Felipe Silva (AF Braga).

Disciplinary action: Yellow cards for Ana Azevedo (17) and Junior (40). Direct red card for Maria Odetti (17)

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