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Nuno Baltazar talks about his mother's mental illness: “It made me cry”

Nuno Baltazar talks about his mother's mental illness: “It made me cry”

Nuno Balthazar He was a guest Julia Pineiro On the SIC afternoon program on Tuesday 16 April. In a conversation with the presenter, the fashion designer revealed some of the pain of seeing his mother struggle with mental illness and also having breast cancer.

“My mother has always been an inspiration…and a source of worry. I'm almost always looking to see who my mother is in my creations.“, the businessman also began to say. “My mother suffers from schizophrenia, and she was diagnosed late, when I was six or seven years old.”He said.

However, the fashion designer's mother had always lived a completely normal life until the onset of the disease. “She had a completely normal life and graduated in chemical engineering. The illness began to cause very unexpected situations, such as mood changes or even the fact that she wanted to be alone.Then he added.

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Nuno Balthazar reveals that he never blamed his mother

“I had no sense of blaming my mother for being different. But it all made me cry, which it does sometimes. She was having crises, and at that age, we often want hugs and affection.“, admitted the fashion designer.

Nuno and his two sisters, Sofia and Philippa, ended up in their father's custody. “The absence of our parents separating became more difficult, and our custody was handed over to our father. What cost me more was not seeing my mother very often, she was in pain.”Then he said.

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He finally explained that he had acquired some habits due to his mother's illness. She had always closed herself at home, staying in the shadows. It's been something that has always stood out to me and now I love waking up to the light.And revealed.

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