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Nuno Baltazar wraps up ModaLisboa 57 with a golden key - current events

Nuno Baltazar wraps up ModaLisboa 57 with a golden key – current events

The night of the tenth of October Nono Balthazar Close to ModaLisboa with the latest show of version 57, Capitólio filled in to see a very personal group, where different processes, projects and clients intersect and are an integral part of the studio where he works with his team. White was the dominant color, in a palette of different shades, from optical to ivory, with different textures, techniques and textures. At this fashion show, the designer had the presence of Catarina Furtado, his muse, to seal the collection on a pedestal with her name on it.

The collection is a visual diary that depicts the future, uncertain and colorless, and is also a reflection of the present, on the brand’s identity and symbols. A blank page where process, deconstruction, and conceptual experimentation gain importance. “Diary” is also a suggestion unseasonal With the supposed intent of slowing the pace of fashion consumption, in a sustainable way, making way for another, more delicate and composed time. 3D detailing in the draping, pleats and under construction on studio busts coexist with masculine and oversized pieces.

This day was also marked by the presentation of Gonçalo Peixoto, which was already shown for the first time at Milan Fashion Week and attended by many public figures. On a journey through her grandmother Alice’s gift box, the Spring/Summer 2022 collection from Gonzalo Peixoto, translates the hope of reuniting with the person who marked their childhood in a poignant way, and recreates the imaginary and utopian place where their souls meet again. Dubbed “Alice we will meet in Wonderland,” this collection recreates silhouettes and fabrics that remind the designer of his grandmother’s image, and intensely explores the beauty of floral patterns, hand crochet, and brocade, which they instantly transport to Alice’s garden and give him back all the happy memories. So home.

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Parade still highlights Nono Gamma, which, returning to its origins, found inspiration in the peace of mind of the immensity of the Alentejo plain and in the transmission of certain details that go back to the authenticity of its essence. The formality remains impeccable, but optional, against the new influences. Relaxed, that inspires freedom of movement. Approved materials from the origin/processes to the final consumer, through recycling, reuse or in the promotion of the national product. The entry into force of Tencel in contrast to the natural and sustainable fibers and national distinction Merino. Highlighting a new line of shoes, almost 100% sustainable.

Show day has begun Great Lent Valentine’s Day designer Expresses creativity through fashion and art. In this collection, he showed what it means to be ‘lost in time’, through his bold and artistic creations.

This was followed by the Buzina brand, which presented its presentation on the LAB platform. “WHIM” is the name of the new group of trumpet It is about whims, about sudden, well-founded desires, about urgent extravagance, and about living fully without fear of fear. With pieces that start from a place to celebrate beauty, unique and special, this collection dresses divas who refuse to stop behaving like that, wears the tradition of ritual preparations and the last insecurities of moments alone, dresses of perseverance and perseverance, voices that rise above others and dress women Women who are preparing to enter the stage of reality from the locker room that exists only in imagination. Because divinity is not just one face, one daydream, one talent, one chest, 4 women give body, name, and voice to the infinite layers that make up the singer’s collective imagination. Directed by Gustavo Emgrant, Ines Heredia, Gisela Joao, Sonia Balaco and Vera Dios, they talk about motives, dreams, fashion and how it can be worn, but at the end of the day it always comes from us.

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This last day was also marked by the new collection of Alexander Protik, digitally rendered, which is based on Georgia O’Keeffe’s desert paintings. Desire, skin, body, and warmth were words of inspiration for the designer, who used materials such as linen and silk and blended with silk, printed silk and cotton, in shades of salmon, champagne, pink, bronze, brown and gray.

for the next season, Joao Magalhaes It revamps some of the hottest shapes from its latest collections. And he did it in a show in the form of a concert. Kimono, tweed bouclé, geometric plaid and streetwear, the brand’s icons, are revised and deconstructed with new shapes and innovative finishes. The starting points for this story are the culture of the 1970s and the psychedelic, which can be a commentary on the past two years, in which the concept of party has been sidelined and pushed underground, in increasingly personal and private circles and experiences. The name “rainbow crying in the sky” was chosen to illustrate this group.

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