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Nuno Graciano’s last love: The broadcaster thought about marrying his girlfriend, Nacional

Nuno Graciano’s last love: The broadcaster thought about marrying his girlfriend, Nacional

Nuno Graciano had three great loves in his life, Patricia Chester, with whom he lived for 10 years and with whom he had two children, Bárbara Elias, with whom he spent 13 years and with whom he had two daughters, and his last girlfriend, Talita Barbosa, whom he married. I talked about marriage.

Manuel Luis Gocha reveals for the first time photos of Nuno Graciano’s “Curve of Life” in “Celebrity Big Brother”Which never aired because the competitor was kicked out before having a chance to show it. in the pictures, Nuno Graciano speaks fondly of his former companions and explains his desire to exchange alliances with the Brazilian painter.

“it has finished [com a Patrícia depois de 10 anos] My mistake. I didn’t behave, I wasn’t a man. This thing: ‘I don’t regret anything I did’… It’s not true, I regret not treating Patricia with the respect she deserves,” Nuno declared about the mother of his eldest children, Goncalo and Tomás.

“In the meantime I met Barbara, Matilda was born, and then Mariazine. My four children are absolutely exceptional. The separation from Barbara was also painful. In fact it was a wonderful meeting, and in the end there was actually a falling out. We actually lived a very different life,” he explained.

I currently have a relationship with my wife, Talita, who is a very interesting and important woman in my life. Perhaps this means this [casamento] might happenHe said as he drew two rings.

Nuno Graciano
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Nuno and Talita have shared little of their private lives on social media. The last photo is from the summer of last year, when they celebrated a year of dating. In January this year, the presenter confirmed in the comments section of the program “A-Experiência” on TVI that he had doubts about marriage, but Talita could be the woman of his life. “I know and she knows that she is finally the woman of my life. For a year or so [que estamos juntos]”.

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However, in the interview with Gocha, in April last year, Nuno revealed how fascinated he was by his partner. “She is a pop art painter, an independent Brazilian woman who lives off her art,” she said.

The two met through social media. “At the time, I thought her painting was funny, so I said I would like to meet her in person. I invited her to lunch, and on the same day, we went to lunch and it was very funny because we talked from lunch to dinner and also had dinner on the same day.”

“On the same day, we started dating, and we came to the conclusion that we had a lot in common. I fell in love with her and I know she fell in love with me too,” he said.

Nuno Graciano died Last Thursday, the seventh of this month, at the age of 54. The first news about the cause of death was cardiac arrest. But Luisa Castelbranco It was later revealed on the program “Dois à 10”. It was a stroke.