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Nuno Homem de Sá posits a past of transgressions: 'He was an alcoholic at night'

Nuno Homem de Sá posits a past of transgressions: ‘He was an alcoholic at night’

nuno Homem de Sá was on “Júlia” on Monday the 6th of this week in an emotional conversation to remember her life story.

In response to a question from the presenter about his early years of fame, the actor admitted that he left himself involved due to excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs.

“Especially alcohol, and then… Whoever gets into alcohol always has the door open for anything to follow,” he begins to count. “I’ve had some encounters with some illegal drugs,” he admits, explaining that he’s never felt dependent on drugs when it comes to drugs.

He asserts that “drugs follow here and there, occasionally, and never communicate,” referring in particular to the consumption of “cocaine and amphetamines.”

The same did not happen with regard to alcohol and Nuno supposes: “I was addicted to alcohol at night“.

Julia Pinheiro asked the actor directly if he felt he had an addition. “Yes, for me addiction is something we have to do every day,” replied Nuno Homem de Sa, explaining that he spends “30 or so years drinking alcohol every night every day.”

“I ended up making a lot of completely irrational decisions in my life because of alcohol,” he admits. “When this goes on for decades and I start to see that I have already made many decisions that I would never have made, I had to come to the conclusion that I had to choose,” he explains, revealing that he made the decision to leave a few years ago.. to drink.

reconsidering Here The statements of Nuno Homim de sa.

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