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Nuno Homem de Sa revolts against the actor: “You will be executed without trial”

Nuno Homem de Sa revolts against the actor: “You will be executed without trial”

nAdia Lopez has thrown a “strong punch on the table” and has just published on social media a very harsh text against Nuno Homem de Sa, with whom she dated for a few months and with whom she recently broke up.

After promising her that she would not talk about the actor again, Nadia returned to Instagram to talk again about what she had lived with Nono, although she did so with threats and in a very harsh way.

“You old people, you talk bad about everyone, especially everyone who loved you and helped you. You hit and yell at people, you think you are the best actor in Portugal, and you spend your life talking bad about them. Your ex-boss is a 62-year-old destroyer.” Completely for himself and for others.”Nadia fired first, she was very angry.

“Justice will be done and prisoners like you will love what will be discovered and made public. You will be summarily executed in a public square like Casa Pia. Kisses. I repeat: I am not afraid of you! Forget it.” It's the fake profiles that keep threatening me, I caught one and came up with a file that would do justice to and for everyone.The actress also added later.

Finally, Nadia confirmed: “Don't threaten me so casually and before you have any more lawsuits, let's all come out! It's a shame on your face that you as a man have nothing but a very bad name and reputation.”

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