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Nuno Homim de Sa goes crazy with alcohol, cocaine and amphetamines: "On the third day without sleep I saw Jesus" - Nacional

Nuno Homim de Sa goes crazy with alcohol, cocaine and amphetamines: “On the third day without sleep I saw Jesus” – Nacional

Nuno homim de sa It assumes that there are things in the past that I would have preferred not to do or live with. The 59-year-old actor reveals that he drank heavily and also used cocaine and amphetamines, especially while immigrating to the United States, where he worked in a restaurant and studied.

Homem de Sá, who made his soap opera debut in “Vila Faia,” says he’s been dependent on alcohol for many years. Every night he drank more than his bill, but the actor ensured that he always managed to comply with the professional side despite the drink.

“I’ve been drinking alcohol every day for 30 years, at night. It wasn’t a glass or two, it was just a little more. It was there on an acceptable threshold, but for me it was not acceptable because I ended up making completely impulsive decisions because of the alcohol”, the actor explains in an interview with ‘Júlia’ on SIC. “I didn’t miss work because of the alcohol, I handled the professional part very well, but personally … I could have done more exciting things instead of drinking drinks and talking nonsense, which I love to do,” adds the actor, who says he managed to overcome On addiction after learning that he is addicted.

“When this goes on for decades, I begin to see that I have already made so many decisions that I otherwise should not have made, I had to come to the conclusion that I had to make a choice: this or that,” he says, before Júlia Pinheiro, live broadcast on SIC.

The drugs were followed here and there in parallel, rather than continuously, namely cocaine and amphetamines. Amphetamines helped a lot in the study in the United States, I had a night job and had to study…but obviously I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. On the third day without sleep, I saw Jesus and these things, a terrible thing. I wouldn’t recommend it, but at the time it made sense.”

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He added that a lot would have changed if he could have gone back in time. “People say they didn’t change anything, but I did, I would have been more careful about it, because I lost so many hours of my life with things that don’t interest me and I could have done more interesting things.”, supposes, believing that this “life” is connected with the “emptiness” he feels due to the separation of the parents.

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