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Nuno Lobo questions Pinto da Costa's options against Porto

Nuno Lobo questions Pinto da Costa's options against Porto

The candidate for the presidency of FC Porto evaluates the assumptions regarding the re-nomination of the current leader

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Nuno Lobo questions some of Pinto da Costa's options for renomination in the memo sent to newsrooms on Monday.

The candidate for the presidency of FC Porto commented on the assumptions of the current leader's new progress, specifically stating that with regard to the “starting of the academy project” this was “not well explained”, and with regard to SAD accounts that question the resignation of managerial performance bonuses when they are not related. The problem is with paying it, but with the fact that it is “granted” in “non-resulting” seasons.

Below is the full press release:

“Dear journalists

We appeal to all Porto fans to attend all FC Porto matches.

Last Friday, we received information about one of the candidates that we could not help but comment on. There are supposed to be three proposals, but there must be more, as the club cannot rely on just three proposals for a candidate to go to the election: “I have set myself three goals that must be achieved so that he can return to the team.” Applying to lead our beloved club Porto: reaching the round of 16 of the Champions League, starting the academy project, and settling SAD scores.

What moves us is Porto and the club's management, which seems to us to be falling short compared to expectations. Reaching the round of 16 is excellent, but it is not enough. The beginning of the academy project has been poorly explained and we still do not know the contours of the deal – if we have a (bankrupt) club from Porto as a partner – we need clarification;

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By all accounts, we are sorry that a candidate goes along with another candidate's trash talk because the understanding is: if the club delivers results, why not trophies? The problem is that prizes are given without results. Regarding the reorganization of accounts, we fully understand the value of management and the ways in which the sports community is managed. We do not accept this weakness for our club. All we can do is find out who are the faces of the team? We're not influencers, let alone cosmetic accountants. They are members of FC Porto, who vote and update their accounts.

We expected more.


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