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Nuno Markle: "I'm very proud of the things that didn't have a huge audience."  - Life

Nuno Markle: “I’m very proud of the things that didn’t have a huge audience.” – Life

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Although “Taskmaster”, the program he co-presented on RTP alongside Vasco Palmeirim, has already won a portion of the Portuguese and even managed to be the audience leader on April 2, Nuno Markl admits numbers aren’t his main concern. .

“I’m not interested in that stuff for ratings. I don’t know if it has anything to do with age, but I’ve never been that kind of person. Some people care about ratings, and it’s okay to worry about ratings. I do. Just enjoy the things that give me Doing it and trying to do it as best I can. And some of the things that bring back the best memories and that were most useful in terms of work were things the audience was behind.”

On a nostalgic trip to the Acho Que Vais Gostor Disto podcast, the comedian ended up remembering some of his not-so-successful projects, such as “Paraíso Filmes”, the Portuguese sitcom he wrote that aired on RTP between 2001 and 2002.

“The audience was so low that RTP was pushing each episode, as it was first shown, for a later time. I think there was one last episode that went there at 2 AM. We even made the joke ‘It wouldn’t take long and it would be that’ In the morning,” he admits between laughs. “However, I am very proud of Paraíso Filmes.” I’m very proud of things that didn’t have a huge audience.”

But, in turn, there are others who will not leave the mouths of the world anytime soon. This is the case of the radio section “O Homem Que Mordeu o Cão”, which will be accompanied by “To the grave” or other parts such as “A Caderneta de Cromos”. Although he has repeatedly received requests to return this last item, he admits he doesn’t know what it would look like if it was introduced today or 20 years from now.

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“It would be even more difficult to make a poster book about this season. The reason I did Caderneta de Cromos was that in the ’70s and ’80s there were fewer things and our dedication to each of those things was so intense that many of them could have been taken away. (… ) The big problem with trying to make a Chromos notebook about this era we live in is that we have so many things that it’s impossible for us to do all the work. There’s so much entertainment going on.”

In the case of “Laboratolarilolela,” a passage he introduced in Antena 3 in the early 2000s and in which he defines and analyzes some of the “mysterious songs” of Portuguese folk music, he considered that even today, he finds himself thinking about how he might do it again.

The entire episode of the podcast Acho Que Vais Liker Disto is available at The usual platforms.