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Nuno Markle regrets the death of “another family member”

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“NAmid the joy of the emergence of a new program, “The Half and the End Principle,” Nuno Markle was “grappling with the tragedy of the departure of another member of the family”: “My mother’s dog, Kim.” The sad news is he shared with him himself, through a long text shared on his official account on Instagram.

“This was our second dog loss in less than a year: in May of last year, we were without grapes,” she begins by calling the announcer, who is still suffering from the absence of his beloved grape.

Then Markle wanted to share the story of Kim – his mother’s dog:

Kim wasn’t always Kim; before my mother adopted him, the one who had collected him had previously christened him as a king. My mother was the one who thought the proper adaptation of Kim was more suited to the little white-eyed mule. That Kim, in fact, would be king – Treated like this, and a master of an arrogant and confident attitude, so clever that we all thought that one day he would start talking, like how he seemed to understand everything that was said, and included the nuances, “he says.

Despite “a cruelty like all Raviros”, Kim, who was already 17 years old, has suffered in recent years from “a terrible and sudden accumulation of suffering: blindness, deafness, pain and dementia”.

“My mother lost a wonderful companion, he was there at many moments the rest of the family was not able to be there. We will miss him all, despite his happiness with the life he lived and the quiet way he slept for the last time,” Markl continues, later revealing that “Quim’s Ashes” joins To the ashes of the Uva in the wonderful terrain of Associação São Francisco de Assis, in Cascais, an exemplary organization that lovingly takes care of all animals. “

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“They are with us in a fleeting way more than we would like, but perhaps that is so that we can give our love to many, during our life,” it can also be read in the emotional post, which touched the hearts of the followers.

See the full text below:

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