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Nuno Mendes: “I'm not a great player yet, but I'm working on it” - Sporting

Nuno Mendes: “I’m not a great player yet, but I’m working on it” – Sporting

The sports side says it still has a lot to improve on

Nuno Mendes says he is a very “tough” player in his quest to become an “elite” player. In an interview with RTP3, he revealed the mathematical aspect at which point in the modulation was changing the chip.

“I have a lot to improve, I am not a perfect player yet, far from that, I still have a lot to improve. Now I can’t say what I have to improve, but I have a lot to improve, I’m still young and I have a lot to learn. I am not an elite player but I am I work for it and I’m starting to realize that I had to do things a lot tougher from the juniors onwards.Since then I’ve always been a tough player in training and matches, all of this has been important to me and I’m rewarded.Now he’s continuing, the young defender, who has lived a crazy year, said: “It is the result of my work and my mates in sports who have helped me a lot since training until now, and this is what I keep with me, my mates are helping me a lot and I love it. I love to learn and listen and that is important for a player.


Nuno Mendes:

When asked who is listening the most in the dressing room, Nuno Mendes highlighted the role of veterans: “Everyone talks to us, but they are basically the older ones, they help us a lot. Netto, Coates, Adan, Vidal… They have helped us all a lot, I think. It is important for us to learn from them. “

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Robin Amorim also deserved a lot of praise: “When we go to matches, he tells us to have fun, but with his head, do what he says strictly, and since then we know what to do on the field. When a player enters the field, he does what the coach demands and adds things. That comes naturally. ”

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