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Nurses Too Connected To Science?  They don't tell the truth about vaccines, the opinion of a "public" colleague.

Nurses Too Connected To Science? They don’t tell the truth about vaccines, the opinion of a “public” colleague.

We received a letter from a GP urging colleagues and OSS not to discuss or change jobs. Emilio Fabio: “Are you sure we know how to vaccinate against the Covid virus?”

hi manager,

Thanks for the good post and not giving space to health professionals; I read the different articles very carefully and in some cases they were contradictory.

Having said that in this article, before talking about the personal work situation, I would like to make a few considerations: Setting up an operating system is a task that involves some qualities of an intrinsic, cognitive, and empathetic nature; I have read of pseudo-nurses who, even if the law permits, hold the title of doctors, they are still poor; They will know how to “fix”, but they will not know how to treat and listen to the patient; This is also true for a good doctor who only knows how to “fix” and is true for OSS. In fact, when health care workers are downsizing their jobs to the 27th of the month or simply to “wipe your ass,” you should change your job.

If there is no passion for the nurse, she can choose to be in the army or work in agriculture. For OSS, it’s the same.

Dear Editorial Team, I am a former General Nurse, I have a Welcome School in Gemelli, Rome, where theory and practice meet with the Department of Florence Nightingale I felt and lived. Today, however, all of us (the nurses and OSS) boo each other (it depends on me, it’s not your job, etc).

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Then the various institutional and trade union organizations: they are ancient dinosaurs that destroy workers.

Finally, I heard nurses and nurses arguing. Instead of helping citizens to make a free choice of their own health, they are telling lies, not saying that it is the greatest collective experience, and that before taking this treatment it would be appropriate for some groups to have a thorough blood test.

The communist and Nazi regimes started this way. Future generations will rule.

Dear Director, I wanted to talk to you without offending anyone for repeating that fear makes you slaves, truth makes you free and young heroes.

Emilio Fabian Brionigeneral nurse