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Obtaining a higher education will have the same exceptions as last year

Obtaining a higher education will have the same exceptions as last year

“Given the experience of last year and the preservation of key decisions, this was what was defined in terms of access to higher education,” said Manuel Hitor, who was heard today at a military hearing at the Parliamentary Committee on Education and Science. And youth and sports.

In the last academic year, the government implemented exceptional measures in accessing higher education, specifically at the level of final secondary examinations, which in that year are no longer counted in the average internal evaluation, and are only entrance examinations.

Thus, students were only able to register for majors’ exams needed to apply for higher education, but the procedure hindered students who wanted to take the test to improve internal assessment.

Nevertheless, despite the recommendation of the Assembly of the Republic to the government to reverse this impossibility, the executive branch will maintain the same model.

“Above all, we will preserve the exceptional changes that were made last year. We must have the minimum level of stability,” said Manuel Hitor.

The Minister of State for Science, Technology and Higher Education also emphasized this need and thus responded to Rep. Bibiana Cunha, of PAN, who led to a hearing on a specific issue related to grade improvement.

“It definitely will make families more comfortable,” said João Soprenho Teixeira, adding that although this is not a “fundamental change”, maintaining the exceptional model implemented last year avoids introducing unnecessary levels of uncertainty.