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Oceana Basilio attended university at the same time as her daughter: "An old dream"

Oceana Basilio attended university at the same time as her daughter: “An old dream”

After his latest TV fantasy challenge on the TV series Lua de Mel, Oceana Basilio Getting ready to do what he callsold dream“. actress He will enter the university to pursue a psychology course. At the same time the daughter Francescaaged 18 years, They will also enter higher educationbut in the management of applied mathematics.

In an interview with the magazine new peopleThe SIC representative assumed that she was now at a stage where she was allowed to juggle her future work with her desire to return to her studies.

Studying psychology was already an old dream, but it’s hard to reconcile work with the fact that I was a young motherHe began his speech in statements to the same publication. “Today, I feel like I can juggle everything in a more organic way as a working student at the Independent University“, I took on the.

As also mentioned, the daughter is also preparing to face the new world of the university at the same time as the mother takes on the challenge.

We will be able to be together, which is also a great mother and daughter program despite the completely different courses‘, she’s supposed to be an actress.

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