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Odds “guarantee” 17 million euros for Sporting: Leicester Fataw will be the champion – Sporting

Odds “guarantee” 17 million euros for Sporting: Leicester Fataw will be the champion – Sporting

It is general that in addition to After spending 750 thousand euros As for Fatawu's temporary move, which in this case was pushed to Sporting, Leicester City have agreed that in the event of promotion to the Premier League next season, they will have to trigger a mandatory €17m buy-out clause, thus leaving the Ghanaian striker in the final bid.

At a time when the team, led by Italian Enzo Maresca, is clearly ahead in the tournament, 6 points behind second-place Ipswich, which closes the direct promotion places, and 11 points behind Southampton, which occupies first place. Four in future playoff contention – Opta, analysis company partner register, leave the lion wringing his hands, given the odds that the foxes will end up… where they are – at the top! The study, published on Wednesday and signed by Matt Furness, is based on more than 10,000 simulations conducted on the final classification of the English second division, with more than clear conclusions: there is, according to the final table, a 91.3% chance. For Leicester to be a champion; The same study also indicates that foxes would rank second in 7.2% of scenarios and third in only 1.2%.

As football is full of surprises, Opta has expanded its predictions as much as possible, highlighting that Leicester have a 98.2% chance of being in one of the top two places in the Championship, with a 100% chance of finishing at the top. 2. Except for the top six, all places that allow you to either enter directly into the Premier League or fight for the last place in the Quadruple Championship.

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Returning to the left-footed footballer who played 21 matches in England this season (two goals and 5 assists), Fatawu cost Sporting 1.2 million euros in the 2021/22 season. The Ghanaian from Steadfast, his former club, is entitled to 50% of capital gains from any future transfer. However, it's certain that Leo… will always win!

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