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Oslo Governor Group leader criticized city councilor Raymond Johansen for being too silent about the reopening of the capital. Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen, NTB

Conservatives in Oslo believe that city councilor Raymond Johansen (Labor) was too silent about the reopening of the capital. Johansen thinks the criticism is strange. Here’s what he has to say about future park parties and reliefs.


In St. Hanshaugen in Oslo, there were as many as 1,000 young men gathered outside on a Sunday night. Hundreds of youths gathered in several places in the capital, according to the police. most of them She did not use face masks.

Leader of the Oslo Group of Governors, Anne Habeth Rigg, believes that city councilor Raymond Johansen has been very silent about both the park’s weekend parties and the reopening plan.

We worry that we’ll see more parks parties in the future if residents don’t get a timeline to deal with. The government offered to reopen it several weeks ago, says Rig, who has called for the plan to be reopened from Johansen.

Reopening Plan Requires: Anne Habeth Rigg, leader of the group in the Conservative Party in Oslo, calls for a reopening of the plan from Raymond Johansen. Photo: Nicholas Torrens

Raymond Johanssen answers this

To VG, City Councilor Johansen said the following Sunday night:

I did not remain silent, but it is clear that Oslo will be reopened. But the reopening must take place gradually and in an orderly manner, not from day to day as the Oslo conservatives seem to think. We will not get into a situation where we open up and then be forced to close again. We have seen this in many European countries and big cities.

About weekend parties in the park, he says that in terms of infection control, it is better to be outside rather than indoors.

But when the backlog gets really large and also develops into both partying and splashing, it’s clear that both the police and the municipality are interacting, as we did this weekend, says the mayor.

Residents after the ceremony: Saint Hanshujin in Oslo Sunday morning. Photo: Josephine Etter Eddy Bgarstad, VG

Corona passes by on the road

According to the Norwegian Directorate of Health, the first copy of the so-called Corona Certificate will be May 4 be delivered.

The leader of the Conservative group believes that Johanssen should simultaneously reopen and open up to vaccination so that he can go to stores and restaurants again.

– It says that those with a “vaccine passport” should be able to take back the city.

Johansen, for his part, replied that he had long said he was positive about this testimony.

But this is what the government and national authorities are developing and issuing. Of course, I hope the government also thinks this is something that will apply in Oslo when it comes. He says it’s a bit odd that Rygg is challenging City Council on this matter and not his government.

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New press conference for the week

On April 14, Oslo continued the strict measures for another two weeks. At a new press conference on Tuesday, it will be clear what the residents of Oslo will relate to next.

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The city council is now receiving professional recommendations from both national and local health authorities regarding measures that should be applied in Oslo in the future. We evaluate them and hope and believe that we can carry out more rest in the coming weeks, but it is contagion that decides when they come, says Johansen.

He adds that the efforts of the residents have given good results, with low infection rates since Easter.

I’m sure residents and the business community would prefer a safe and permanent reopening, rather than risk opening up early and then having to close again, says Johansen.

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