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"Of this group, I am the worst. The most annoying, he who moans, rolls her eyes"

“Of this group, I am the worst. The most annoying, he who moans, rolls her eyes”

TAfter vacationing in Punta Umbria, Spain, Ana Garcia Martins (aka “The Sweetest Popcorn”) devoted kind words to the group of friends who accompanied her on the trip.

“Out of this group of people, I’m obviously the worst. The most annoying, the one who complains the most, the one who rolls her eyes the most, the one who answers the most skewedly, the one who loses the most,” she began to caption a picture of everyone.

He continued, “Quoting David Christina, who was introduced to this group for the first time this holiday, ‘I have no idea what these wonderful people are doing to you.’ Well, neither do I because they are really cool. And good people. And selfless. And patiently. Unlimited. And they make me laugh like no one else. And they’re those friends – really friends who are always there, come and go (and have been several times over the past two decades). I’m proud of them all, especially for being people with such a good heart (even though I wrapped some cholesterol, after all they packed this week).”

As a counterbalance, “Pipoca” ends the script with words of affection for the group, highlighting how special the days off are. “Our vacation together ended today, and despite my extensive list of complaints, I’m already feeling a twinge of homesickness. I know it doesn’t always seem that way, but I really like you, just like that (except for Davidinho, of course). And I hope they continue to Like me all the time, even if I’m feeling a pain in the ass. And so am I.”

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Remember, David Cristina is the author of the podcast “Separados de Fresco” with Ana Garcia Martins.

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