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Offer him a horse for sex: Musk pays $250,000 to evade harassment allegations

Offer him a horse for sex: Musk pays $250,000 to evade harassment allegations

Elon Musk is once again embroiled in another controversy. A Tesla owner allegedly sexually molested a private jet airline flight attendant who was also a masseuse, and promised miserly in return for the sexual acts. The case in 2016 deserved the intervention of SpaceX, which tried to stifle the situation by paying the victim 250 thousand euros.

The case was discovered and confirmed by Business Insider, and the main source of the investigation was a source close to this woman, who stated that she was encouraged, after she was already a flight attendant, to obtain a massage therapist license to provide the (so far harmless) service to the richest man in the world.

During one of the trips, the stewardess was called into the cabin for a musk massage. Arriving at the scene, the Emperor of Mars was “completely naked, with a hood covering only the lower part of his body.” It is alleged, during the massage, that Musk “exposed his genitals” and “touched the woman presenting a horse if she ‘does more’, i.e. engaged in sexual acts.”

He started touching his thigh [da comissária] He promised him a horse. Basically I tried to bribe to get some kind of sexual service, ”the same source adds.

Despite what happened, the commissioner returned to her work pretending nothing had happened, “despite her concern”, but realized that she was “suffering from retaliation for not cooperating with Musk”. According to the source close to the victim, the commissioner saw “the work shifts were cut off and this is when I started to go into a wave of tension,” he said.

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In 2018, the victim hired a California labor law attorney and filed a complaint with SpaceX’s human resources department to report the incident.

The matter never made it to court, having been measured at the airline’s offices, in the presence of Musk. At the end of the procedure, the commissioner agreed to receive $250,000 in exchange for not publicizing the case or going to court.

Contacted via email by Business Insider, the world’s richest man stated that “there is a lot to tell in this story” and replied: “[o relato] Politically motivated to do me harm.”

Elon Musk this week lost $12 billion in 24 hours after declaring his support for the Republican Party and criticizing the fact that Tesla was fired from the S&P 500 ESG for reasons also related to human resource mismanagement, specifically two cases of racial discrimination at a factory in California.