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Official: Benfica sells Vinicius to Fulham

Official: Benfica sells Vinicius to Fulham

Benfica confirmed the transfer of Carlos Vinicius to Fulham, confirming a Information provided by More.

In a statement, the Eagles informed that they retain 50 per cent of the Brazilian striker’s economic rights. The transfer, according to our newspaper and confirmed by Red SAD in a statement sent to CMVM, is being made for €5 million and the costs of the brokerage services are borne by Reds: 10 percent of the sale value.

Remember, Vinicius has been at PSV Eindhoven for a year on loan. This transfer, which was valid for two seasons, was canceled at the initiative of Benfica. “The contractual terms stipulated for the mandatory exercise of the put option clause were not guaranteed,” Benfica says.

Carlos Vinicius, who is back in English football (where he was already in 2020/21 when he played for Tottenham) signed with Benfica from Napoli for €17m in 2019.

Communication from a completely sad Benfica:

Sport Lisbon and Benfica – Futebol, SAD (“Benfica Sad”) have informed that they have reached an agreement with Fulham FC to sell the sporting rights and 50% of the economic rights of player Carlos Vinicius in the amount of €5,000,000. (five million euros).

It is also informed that Benfica SAD will have a brokerage service fee of 10% of the sale value and that Fulham FC will be responsible for distributing the solidarity mechanism to the clubs that participated in the formation of the player, and have no right to withhold it. Even Benfica is sad.

It should be noted that prior to this agreement, Benfica SAD rescinded the loan agreement that was in force with PSV Eindhoven, given that the contractual terms stipulated in the mandatory exercise of the purchase option clause were not secured.”