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Official: Troy Deany moved to Watford after eleven years

Official: Troy Deany moved to Watford after eleven years

Troy Deaney arrived in Birmingham a minute after leaving Watford.

Already at the start of the season, when Watford returned to the Premier League, it was almost clear that Troy Deeni would play a part in the team. For this reason, he decided to look for new challenges.

First, the “Hornets” announced the termination of their contract with him, while at the same time securing an experienced attack confirmed the city of Birmingham.

The 33-year-old is joining the team as part of a free transfer. He signed a contract with the new club, which is valid until June 30, 2023.

– I have stressed many times in the past that I grew up in this city and occasionally want to join Birmingham. I believe in the plan here and after talking to the coach, I can clearly imagine the role I will play here – said.

Dini, although he comes from Birmingham, has never played in “Blue” colors before. He made his football debut in Chelmsley Town, where he has worn the Watford jersey since 2010.

In total, he played in 419 games for this team, his records being 140 goals. In addition, he was able to record 62 aids.

After five rounds of the championship season, Denny’s new boss is eighth in the league table with eight points.

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