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Officially: Sergio Conceicao renews his contract with Porto

Officially: Sergio Conceicao renews his contract with Porto

On Thursday, FC Porto officially renewed its contract with Sergio Conceicao.

The current president had already announced the extension of the coach's contract with FC Porto last Wednesday. Conceição, 49, will remain linked to the Dragons until 2028, according to Misfotipol and Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa.

Recruited from Nantes in the summer of 2017, Conceição has led FC Porto for the past seven seasons with 270 victories in 374 appearances, having won ten titles. He also became the coach with the most matches and victories at the helm of the Blue and White team, surpassing the records held by Jose Maria Pedroto.

According to what was reported by Misfotipol and CNN, the agreement with Conceição stipulates the termination of service by the new coach or president if Pinto da Costa is not re-elected in the club elections that will be held next Saturday, April 27, that is, within two days. .

However, it is important to note that this announcement contradicts what Pinto da Costa and Sergio Conceicao said months before the elections.

He asked: Do you think that a coach in one of the clubs will renew his contract without knowing who he will work with? “There is one thing I don't want: Firstly, I'm not in an election period and I don't want to involve any football professional in this matter,” said the Porto leader, in an interview on 21 November.

In turn, the coach gave the same words. “(…) The president, who has been president for only 40 years and is the most decorated in the world… will not renew his coaching position at the end of the term,” Conceição defended, on February 2.

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