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Officially: Vasco Fernandez, Chavez player

Officially: Vasco Fernandez, Chavez player

An experienced central defender was introduced this Tuesday at Terrace Os Montes; The player says he is 'very happy' to return to the club he already represented; A season and a half contract

Vasco Fernandez is Chavez's latest addition. the ball I had predicted this scenario last Saturday and Chavez confirmed the news early Tuesday afternoon.

Vasco Fernandez reinforces Desportivo de Chavez

The 37-year-old central defender returns to the club he represented in 2020/21

The experienced central defender, 37 years old, returned to the club he previously represented in the second half of the 2020/2021 season – having played 16 matches in that period in a Flavensi shirt – and when it came to uttering his first words while the player was not afraid of Trás- os-Montes is emotional at the moment.

“I am very happy to return to the home where I have always been treated very well. The brave people of Tras os Montes have always welcomed me very well. It's a sense of mission, we have to work and be very strong. I'm someone else to help. I want to thank the people who worked hard for me to be here and created all the conditions for me to be here. I aim to repay the investment they have made in me through work. “We must be very strong as a group and as a team,” Vasco Fernández stressed, in statements reported by Chavez’s official media.

The former Portugal international was based at Olhansi, a club he also represented as a senior player, and already had an extensive CV, including spells at Vitoria de Setubal and Casa Pia, but his career was mostly linked to international football: Salamanca, Celta Vigo. Elche (all from Spain), Platanias and Ares (both from Greece), Panduri (Romania) and Amranjspor (Turkey).

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After two and a half seasons of high quality at Casa Pia (84 matches, 2 goals and 1 assist), where he was the team's captain, Vasco Fernández embraces Chavez's sporting project, having signed a contract valid for one and a half seasons. Flavins, you know the ball.

This is an important reinforcement for the team led by Moreno, and if the coach deems it appropriate, Vasco Fernandez could be an option to welcome Sporting, in a match related to the 17th and final round of the league, scheduled for six in the evening. next Saturday.