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Offshore companies report sexual and ethical harassment

Offshore companies report sexual and ethical harassment

Former employees of the North American branch nintendo The company deplored its exposure to sexual harassment and unequal conditions in the work environment. The reports were picked up by a report by Kotaku, who heard from 10 different anonymous sources who worked for Nintendo of America (NoA) at some point in the past decade.

The case puts Nintendo in the corporate group with Activision Blizzard And the Ubisoftlike developers who denounced toxic work environments.

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The focus of the issues will be on the NoA’s relationship with the external employees hired by Aerotek. Among the outside employees responsible for testing Nintendo products, women were paid significantly less than men and had no opportunities to advance or be hired by Mario.

After nine years working with Nintendo, one tester found that she was paid about $3 per hour less work than entry-level male testers.

Although NoA’s projects with Aerotek brought together hundreds of people, the group was mostly made up of men. Five sources who worked at Nintendo estimate that the percentage of women hired in the testing sector was about 10%, barely more than a dozen employees.

NoA Office, the North American arm of the Big N. (Photo: Reproduction/Wikimedia/Pyrenil)

Photo: Canaltech

“What is the color of your underwear?”

The difference in treatment between recruited men and women outsourced to the testing industry also contributed to a hostile climate within American Nintendo.

In November 2010, at a Nintendo gala, Eric Bush asked a contractor to ask a colleague what color her underwear was. Eric Bush occupies a high position in nintendo Your name can be found in game credits as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

According to the report, the company’s US arm will be permeated with a “brotherhood culture”, in which men disrespect women with jokes involving moral and sexual harassment. In one case, the translator may display inappropriate material related to Pokemon And the Jinshin effect In a corporate chat room in Microsoft Teams.

A third-party tester reported the incident, but was asked not to talk about it, while the employee received sexual harassment training as a punishment.

According to a report, Nintendo employees harassed contractors.  (Photo: Playback / Wikimedia / Sergey Galyonkin)

According to a report, Nintendo employees harassed contractors. (Photo: Playback / Wikimedia / Sergey Galyonkin)

Photo: Canaltech

“are you a magician?”

Another reported case involved an employee who was in an open same-sex relationship during her tenure at Nintendo of America. An older employee support coordinator went so far as to say that the woman’s sexuality was “sort of sad.”

The same female employee also had to deal with unwanted advances from direct co-workers, who said she was a “witch” by making it clear that she was not dating men.

Within the company, it has been common for Nintendo employees to date full-time contractors to work precariously. Many of the “NoA Red Badges”, as the full-time employees were known, were notorious for using the third-party tester group as a kind of “group of suitors”.

The tones of conversation between the men with red badges and the subcontractors were described as constant courtship.

Photo: Enrique Vidal Flores/Unsplash/Canaltech

American Nintendo Problems

New information reveals Nintendo of America as a developer with toxic work environments. The North American branch was accused this year of dismantling unions and persecuting employees who tried to fight for better conditions within the company.

While toxic behavior appears to be the norm within the company, NoA President Doug Bowser signed a statement condemning reports of sexual harassment at the company. activation Blizzard

At the time when there was a publisher scandal Call of duty After breaking it, Nintendo updated its corporate governance policy with a commitment to “increase the proportion of women in management positions”

Kotaku has reached out to Nintendo about concrete steps the company is taking to improve its gender diversity, but has not received any comment as of press time.

source: Kotaku

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