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Ohio Lottery offers VG-Vaccine

Ohio Lottery offers VG-Vaccine

New Action: Photographed by Ohio Governor Mike Dwyane on March 24. Photo: Tony Degak / Associated Press

The governor of Ohio is tempted that five of the state’s lucky adults could win a million dollars each. Vaccinated Teens Can Win College Scholarships.

Governor Mike DeWine announced the special program on Twitter Thursday evening.

Starting May 26, the Ohio Lottery will attract one winner a week for five weeks, and will receive just over 8.3 million crowns in federal Corona Support funds.

to me Politico You must be over 18 years of age and have taken at least one dose of the vaccine prior to withdrawal to be eligible.

“I know someone might say ‘Dwyane, you’re crazy! Your millionaire lottery idea is a waste of money. But honestly, the most wasted thing about this pandemic at this time – when vaccines are available to anyone who wants them – is the loss of life to COVID-19.” -19 “, he wrote On Twitter.

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The governor also has a carrot for those under the age of 18. Vacciners in the age group 12 to 17 can register to win a four-year scholarship at a public university in Ohio. It should include semester fees, accommodation, and books.

DeWine is also encouraging private companies in the state to create incentives to vaccinate more residents.

In the past, various countries in the United States have attempted measures such as Free beer with pollenPaid free from work and free trips, for example, Uber to get more people to take the Corona vaccine.

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