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Okra, the king of “healthy madness”: “There is no more beautiful goal than the smile that people give me when they pass me.”

Okra, the king of “healthy madness”: “There is no more beautiful goal than the smile that people give me when they pass me.”

Disturbing, creative, unpredictable, spontaneous, daring. This is what you would expect from a radical, but these are also the characteristics that define Okura as a man, as a father, a son, and a husband. On the field there are no opponents or teammates. you have friends. On social media, what they call “the king” has reached more than 120,000 followers, with the topic of his “health madness.” Mischievous, he is far from being a saint, but with compassion and humility he works the miracle of multiplying smiles wherever he goes.

The good king returns to his home. Ukra parks the Mini next to Estádio dos Arcos. Always carry the crown in the car. The four girls love it. Before arriving for the interview, he had taken the younger princess to school and completed his six-kilometre morning run along the seafront, between Vila do Conde and Beauvois de Varzim.

Even when he retires, he becomes less anxious. Did not stop. His schedule is always busy, and when he has nothing to do, he invents things, as happened on Saturday, when he was selling Berlin balls on Kacinas beach.

Andre Montero was born 36 years ago in Vila Nova de Famalicao. It was there that the blond-haired boy, nicknamed Okra, took his first steps in football. He started out as a goalkeeper, but quickly got tired. His recklessness led him to want to play more up front, and his talent saw him make the jump to FC Porto, where he completed his remaining training.

He made his professional debut at Varzim, joined the Dragons' main squad in one of the club's best moments – and worst – and headed to Braga, where he ended up adding the Europa League to his CV, despite losing in the final.

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However, he experienced the best phase of his career at Rio Ave – being the only player from the club to become a Portugal international. At Villa de Condé, above all, he found happiness and spread widely, infecting everyone with his good mood.

Without ever losing his joy, he hid and I exceeded The pain he always played with since he was 18 years oldWhen he underwent the first of three knee surgeries. “My biggest wish was to be able to have a season without limits, just to understand how far I can go and what numbers I will achieve,” admits Okhra, who came from the dirt and will return to the dirt. “I want to have the experience of playing naked again. That's how I started and I want to get back to the dirt and the mud. I want to feel that in my body, because it wasn't just the grass that was part of my story.”said the charismatic number 17, who ended his career on May 17, after 17 seasons as a professional player, in the 17th minute of the match between Rio Ave and Benfica, when he received a standing ovation from fans of both clubs.

And here is the return of the 'King' with… The Express TribuneThe court and the locker room where he became a legend.