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Old Firm, Celtic |  Scandal scenes from Scotland.  The commentator could not believe what he saw:

Old Firm, Celtic | Scandal scenes from Scotland. The commentator could not believe what he saw:

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Rangers – Celtic 1-2

The accident took place at the giant Old Firm settlement, the largest settlement in Scotland between the Celtic superpowers and the Rangers.

The former led 2-1 in the first half, but when both teams went out again after the break, it was clear that something was wrong. Clearly Celtic goalkeeper Joe Hart was unhappy with something:

Hart comes out to talk to the stewards about something, whether it’s racetrack conditions or something that ended up on the grass that shouldn’t be there. When the photos first came out, it’s impossible to say what it’s all about, said Paul Thomas Clay, a Viaplay commentator.

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But then I got a close-up of the same problem. A broken glass bottle inside a five-meter hart:

– Glass Yes! We can’t have any of that. It’s life threatening, very scary. Now it must be cleaned up before they can continue fighting. There is, of course, a high risk of getting broken glass on the field.

Thus the match was postponed, while the officials had to come and clean the lawn.

It’s the first time I’ve seen a match postponed because of a broken glass bottle on the field.

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Settlement is known as one of the strongest derbies in world football, and the match itself was another battle. On the other hand, Celtic managed to win the port, after goals from Tom Rojic and Cameron Carter Vickers.

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It was the Celtics’ first win over Ibrox in four years, and Rangers’ first home loss in two years. Aaron Ramsey sent the hosts up front, but she didn’t hold up.