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Old games are available on current consoles

Old games are available on current consoles

Announcing the backwards compatibility news is a conversation that involves preserving older games. Support for old formats or titles from earlier platforms is usually not something console manufacturers want, both for technology aspects and for their own feasibility, especially when we’re talking about old cartridges and discs. Still, it’s history and it was meant to be preserved.

Conservation is often done with unsatisfactory or expensive remanufactures or recycled cash in the box, which in some cases replaces the original versions in the platform stores. In the end, it’s up to the fans to keep the memory alive, while the distributors themselves seem unprepared to do so. But not always, fortunately.

In this list, we’ve rounded up 10 picks for titles that are accessible on current consoles and as close to their original releases as possible.

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10. Final Fantasy VII

Let’s start with the icon of the absolute age Play Station. One of the first works Square Enix, which at the time was only Squaresoft, is consistently considered one of the best and most influential games of all time. With a story and gameplay that has not only changed the face of the genre but the entire industry as well, this is one of the things you should have on almost any player’s list.

While the new version has its own unique and impressive qualities, the original version is also available. The graphics have been remastered and reworked, but still bring the retro style, along with the soundtrack and turn-based gameplay, keeping the experience Final Fantasy VII In the rare case where the new version co-exists with the old version.

The game was originally released in 1997 for the PS1. Today, it is still available in versions for Playstation 4And Xbox OneAnd converts, iOS and Android.

9. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

We brought up the topic of games that changed everything, and this is another great example. Even today considered one of the best games in its franchise and also of all time, Epic Link on the Nintendo 64 brought the saga into the 3D world in an iconic way, with an era-marking soundtrack and a journey through time that still surprises today.

Nintendo has always recognized this importance and kept the game available on consoles after the original, although interested players had to buy it again. This is true even for the current generation, with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Being a star Initial list of Nintendo 64 games accessing the Switch Online add-on.

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This is where it can be played until today exclusively. Other Nintendo 64 games available on the service are Star Fox 64And Super Mario 64And Mario TennisAnd Yoshi’s story e Mario paper, also in its original version.

8. Donkey Kong Country

Still on the Nintendo Switch Online, this is one of the highlights of the Super NES title selection. One of the absolute classics of the platform responsible for bringing old and beloved characters back into the spotlight, the title that surprised with its beauty and 3D-simulated graphic style at a time when this was still a rarity, draws attention to this day, so much for its gameplay and appearance.

Donkey Kong Country Features the title character and Diddy Kong when searching for stolen bananas. Among pirate ships, picturesque beaches and caves, and nintendo It excels in the style of the platforms it has always been a big name for, while presenting audio themes that have become classics and pave the way for generations to come.

as said, Donkey Kong Country It is a SNES offering for the Nintendo Switch Online and can be downloaded and played on console by subscribers. The list of dozens of games available also includes character sequences, as well as Super Mario WorldAnd fox starAnd F-zero e the same fire, Among others.

7. Street Fighter II

The classic fighting game changed the game from both arcades and arcades when it was released in 1991. It turns out that a sequel to a series almost nobody knew about was one of the definitive examples of what video games are all about, elevating Capcom to the position of developer of the high market pantheon, and of course creating Updates, modifications and re-releases that occur until today.

One of the most recent and accessible is Capcom Arcade StadiumAnd A collection that brings to life the classic titles the company has released in arcade games over the past 30 years. Street Fighter II It appears in three versions, keeping the original version as well as expansions with new characters and gameplay mechanics as in their original versions.

The bundle is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, and can be purchased in whole or in part at lower prices. Capcom Arcade Stadium Also includes captain commandoAnd ghoul ghostsAnd Electronic commandosAnd Strider e Final battle, Among others.

6. Resident Evil Code: Veronica

As the series goes through many reruns followed by new episodes, it ends up getting more and more past. Proof of this is that since the generation of PS4 and Xbox One, it is no longer possible to officially play the classic titles of the franchise, which were originally released for the first PlayStation and only available on the PS Store.

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dissident Resident Evil Code: Veronica It is an exception, but can only be enjoyed by Xbox owners. The title, in its reformulated version, is available via backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 even in Series X| S, as Claire Redfield continues his plot to search for her brother Chris, while unraveling the secrets of Umbrella, which can be experienced to this day.

The game was given free to LIVE Gold subscribers in 2021, in a version that preserves aspects of the original game but adds light effects. On PlayStation 4, it can also be played in a version closer to its 2000 release than the console’s backward compatibility with PS2.

5. Mega Man

After completing the Capcom re-release, the blue droid was one of those who’ve been packaged in style in recent years, while nothing new has been shown. At least, fans new and old have something to pass on while they wait a few more years for new titles.

Almost all major games are available on current consoles. In 2015, the collection series began with Mega Man Legacy Collection, which included the character’s first six titles, and an additional bundle followed in 2015, with four more. Finally, another pair of re-releases brought the X Series together in 2018, making the brand that started with Super Nintendo and considered by many enthusiasts to be better than the main brand.

All titles from heritage collection Available in PC versions, Nintendo SwitchAnd Playstation 4 e Xbox One.

4. Death

When we talk about the classics available on current platforms, it’s hard to leave this out. After all, we are talking about a game that defined the genre of first-person shooter games, as well as taking steps into the world of virtual reality. To this day, he is still alive and well, while his franchise is going strong and has reaped accolades over the past few years.

The legacy is strong and current players can see it up close with full availability and not just from death Original as well as its sequels and even exclusive versions for certain consoles, including its surprise release for the Nintendo 64. Among the free versions that come with the latest titles or individual bundles, there’s one for those who want to know how the bloodshed began.

the first deathIn addition to its sequels, versions are available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One (found on Game Pass, inclusive) and Nintendo Switch.

3. The Lion King

Whoever played the game based on the classic Disney game, released in 1994 for Super Nintendo, has never been forgotten. This is due to the beauty of the title itself, which did its best to emulate the art of cinema on home consoles, and the absurd difficulty that made the music “What I want most is to be king” They are stuck in our heads, next to a bunch of hate.

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the king lion Recently returned to existing consoles as part of assembly Classic Disney games, even in the physical media in Brazil. The package brought Simba and other classics, Aladdin, with versions for different consoles, re-recording devices as well as to preserve the original.

The game is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

2. digging

One of the first steps Steven Spielberg It took place in the gaming world in the year 1995, in an absolute classic adventure for PC. Part of LucasArts’ golden age, the title also has a cast headed by Robert Patrick (The Terminator 2 – Final Verdict) and high production values ​​were extremely rare in a game at the time.

The story of a team of astronauts’ mission to deflect a meteorite on a collision course with Earth turns into an expedition when the remains of an ancient civilization are discovered. In Cocytos, in a galaxy far, far away, Boston Low (Patrick) and his team will use their expertise and wits to figure out what happened and, essentially, how to get back home.

holes Still exclusive to PC, it was relaunched in 2009 and is available on Steam and in all its original aspects.

1. Sonic the Hedgehog

Speaking of icons from the past surviving today, it is difficult to dismiss the blue hedgehog. The protagonist of dozens of games, with cameos in many other games and a series of impressive entertaining films, the amulet Sega It survived even when the company ceased to be a console manufacturer and champion of the market war that lasted the entire ’90s.

Sonic was the antithesis of Mario, investing in speed and giant scenarios, which can be explored in different ways. The first game, released in 1991, is still one of the best games of all time, and as such, was made available by SEGA left and right, with the collection Mega Drive and Genesis Classics Being one of the best ways to play the game these days.

sonic the hedgehog It is actually just a gateway to a tour of the best games on the platform. Available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, the bundle offers over 50 games and exclusive features, such as online multiplayer and different editions. The list also includes names of interest such as Streets of RageAnd Shadow Dancer: A Shinobi’s SecretAnd the monster changedAnd Kid chameleonAnd columns And many more, including the Blue Hedgehog sequel to Mega Drive.