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Ole Palm, 82, died in a plane crash

Ole Palm, 82, died in a plane crash

From night to Thursday, it was reported by many Swedish media An elderly man died when a small plane crashed outside Leksand in Dalarna County, Sweden. The pilot, in his 80s, was alone on the plane, which was reported missing around 20:30.

After an extensive search, using night vision binoculars, the aircraft was located around 11pm. Aftonbladet Thursday morning writes that the deceased was found lying next to the plane.

express It was reported later in the day that it was former hockey player Oli Palm (82) who died in the plane crash in Dalarna on Wednesday.

– He misses a lot

The 82-year-old left behind eight children. His son Michael Palm, 58, told Dagbladet that he last saw his father in August.

– Because of Corona, it was difficult to see each other, and we were mostly talking on the phone. But in August, he came to our house and we talked for a while and took one coffee, He says.

Palm remembers especially well that his father on that day was very happy that his airline was doing well.

– He was also very happy for me, because my job is also going well. We agreed that we would try to have a communal barbecue one day when the coronary strictures would be relieved. But he says that was not the case.

– I miss him so much.

Difficult conditions

Ole Palm, 82, was due to fly to Värmland and was in contact with a pilot on another plane who was going to the same place. The police were notified by the other pilot after contact was cut off in Mora.

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The comrade sounded the alarm at 20.30 when the plane did not reach the airport on time. The friend was in contact with the pilot via the plane’s radio, but did not receive any answer.

On radar, Luftredningen was able to see the last recorded location of the missing plane, outside Leksand at around 7pm, the area and weather still very difficult to find.

– Operator Joachim Blomberg at SOS Alarm told SVT Wednesday night that the plane flew a long distance and was seen on radar, and now there’s no communication anymore.

Agni Hornsteig, a spokeswoman at the Swedish Maritime Administration, told the Swedish state channel that the weather conditions caused problems afterwards.

– Very proud

The 82-year-old earned his pilot’s certification in the 1990s, when he was in his fifties. Since then, he has had his own airline, which deals, among other things, with aerial photography, firefighting and advertising, according to his son.

– He was very alert in his head. His body started shaking, but he was still in great shape and extremely intelligent.

Palm received the tragic message from his sister who called the police after seeing the news.

– She told us all. We all had a chat with eight siblings, and then she told us about it, he says.

Palm says he is very proud of his father.

I am very proud of my father, and the feeling I had with my father made him do it. It’s also something I feel I’ve inherited, and maybe something I have from it, he says.

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– My father was good at a lot, and he learned a lot differently. This is something I am very proud of.