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"Ole, says the orthopedist."  Diogo Amaral appears teaching his son words and ends up surprised

“Ole, says the orthopedist.” Diogo Amaral appears teaching his son words and ends up surprised

Oliver, common son Diogo Amaral With Jessica AthedeVery close to completing the age of three. The child grows up in plain sight, delighting the parents, and the many followers who follow the actors on social media.

If Jessica Athayde doesn’t hesitate to share several photos of her son’s growth, the same goes for Diogo Amaral, who achieves “riteWhich actually seems to be imitation: teaching the child difficult words, and photographing them while they are doing it.

However, in the post on Monday, May 23, the actor was surprised by the answers of the child, who, in even more difficult words, Proven to speak better and better!

In the pictures, speaking in English, young Diogo Amaral depicts Oliver, while he and his eldest son try to challenge the pronunciation of a few words: “Sweet rice. Can you tell?‘, questioning the actor. Then come words like ‘mustache’ or ‘zoo’ or even ‘orthopedist’.

What is certain is that Oliver managed to surprise his father, who was not afraid of his release.Wonderful!While the boy was responding to the suggested challenges. See the video below:

Remember that Oliver is the result of his relationship with Jessica Athede. Diogo Amaral is also the father of Mateus, the eldest son, from a previous relationship with him Vera Kolodzig.

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