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Olivais and Moscavide-Sporting cause ‘rain of fines’.  Find out why

Olivais and Moscavide-Sporting cause ‘rain of fines’. Find out why

Hey Sporting was fined three times by the Portuguese Football Federation’s disciplinary board on Friday. The two penalties relate to the Portuguese Cup match between the Lions and Olivas y Moscavido.

The first is 1,428 euros, and relates to “a lit flashlight in the Central Stand, a stand designated for Club A, marked with the club’s flag” and “four other torches in the North Stand, where the fans assigned to Club B are exclusively located.” They were identified using tools from the club, and two of them were thrown into the playing field,” according to the entity.

The second fine is 1,020 euros and relates to “throwing a dangerous object or throwing a dangerous object without reacting during an official match.” This object is exactly the four torches mentioned above that were thrown on the grass. The final penalty is 102 euros and relates to a delay in resuming the match.

Olivais e Moscavide, on the other hand, imposed larger fines. The same late fine of 102 euros was applied, in addition to a fine of 2,652 euros for “bringing in and retaining pyrotechnic materials.” The club will have to pay another 306 euros due to “advertising violations”.

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