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Olof Palme Series: - Netflix Reported for Defamation

Olof Palme Series: – Netflix Reported for Defamation

On November 5th, “The Unlikely Killer” premiered on Netflix. It concerns the murder of Olof Palme, the former Swedish prime minister, in 1986.

Last summer, Swedish police came out and named the so-called “Scandiaman”, Stig Engstrom, as the culprit. However, he died in 2000, thus the case with him was dropped.

The series is based on the book of the same name by Thomas Peterson.

It happened too late The series received a lot of criticism. It has been called “my guess” because it has by no means been documented that Engstrom was actually the killer. Among other things, a murder weapon was not found.

VGReviewer Morten Staley Nielsen believes the series is a murder of a deceased man. He is not alone in this matter, and the case has now been reported to the Swedish legal advisor for defamation. Reports among others SVT. The Chancellor of Justice is a body of the Swedish government, which, among other things, investigates violations of freedom of expression.

killing: Here you get one of the greatest kills ever in 180 seconds. This is the man the police believe killed Prime Minister Olof Palme. Produced by Marte Nyløkken Helseth / Dagbladet TV.
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Netflix has a poster in every episode where they assert that the series is a fiction, and that Engström has never been convicted of murder.

The series doesn’t claim to tell the truth or offer a solution to the case, but is a fictitious interpretation of the theory put forward by Attorney General Christer Peterson as the most likely, said Jenny Sternströmer Björk, head of Scandinavian content at Netflix, Dagbladet.

According to the website, the review states that Netflix should be found guilty of defaming a dead person, even if the series is “fantasy.”

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Skandiamannen: Stig Engstrom was one of the first witnesses to be named after Olof Palme’s murder, and was later identified as the perpetrator by the police. Photo: Weine Lexius/EXP/TT/NTB
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For the legal advisor to proceed with the case, it is required that it is in the public interest, or that the person reporting the case is close. It is not known who filed the suit.

Attorney Dag Witterberg tells SVT that there may be a conviction in this case, although it is unusual.

When you refer to someone for such a serious crime, and when it is also difficult to prove that it is true, it is defamation. I think that would be a serious case in this case. So the Minister of Justice has a very good case in this case, he says, and adds:

– It is a serious issue that has affected the entire Swedish society over a long period of time.

Netflix has not yet commented on the review.