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Olympia 2021: Niklas Kaul must drop injured in decathlon

Olympia 2021: Niklas Kaul must drop injured in decathlon

The accident happened when he performed a personal best in his last high jump. Nicholas Kaul injured his leg and left the field, and now it is clear: the decathlon world champion can no longer win a medal at the Olympics. Kaul went 400 meters, but the pain was too much and stopped the race. Shortly afterwards he was wheeled out of Dorton Road in a wheelchair.

After 2.11 meters in the high jump, Kaul won the bronze medal again after a moderate start. Earlier, he finished the 100m in 11.22 seconds, reaching 7.36m in the long jump and hitting the ball in 14.55m. After crossing the height, he left the field with bloody socks. During the break he was treated by team doctor Andrew Lichent, but in the end the pain was too much.

In Decathlon comes a heated fight between Damien Warner (Canada) and world record holder Kevin Meyer (France). Warner is leading with 4722 points after the first day, while Meyer is currently in fifth place with 4340 points. Both Warner and Meyer are heading to the end of about 8900 points after half time. Australian Ashley Moloney is surprisingly in second place with 4641 points. Second German opener Kai Cosmirek is 13th with 4251 points.

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