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Olympian Ines Henrix condemns 'sexual harassment during training

Olympian Ines Henrix condemns ‘sexual harassment during training

Olympian Ines Henriques on Monday denounced a case of “sexual harassment during training” in Rio Mayor, admitting she was “apprehensive and frightened” by the situation.

“Pyropes happen sometimes, I don’t like it! Because I do my job and I like to be respected, but unfortunately it has become a normal thing. A situation like this makes us anxious and afraid! Calm should be denounced,” he wrote on Facebook.

Ines Henrik, 41, the 2018 European champion in Berlin and the world champion in London 2017, at the 50-kilometre walk, accused an individual of “black race and over ninety metres” of “showing her penis” during a conversation in which he was feeling warm. Willing to train on the Caniceira road, where he has been training for “over 30 years”.

“I’m usually nice to everyone and I said good morning. He looked and stopped and asked if I was an athlete. I answered yes and we were having a situational conversation, I felt he was very close to me and walked away and I got up and kept getting ready for my training. I opened the car and took off my shoes, and when I looked at him, it’s all in Less than two or three minutes later, the man had already shown his penis,” Exposed.

The player from the Rio Mayor swimming club, who was waiting for coach Jorge Miguel, said that she “reacted with aggressive words”, because she “did not admit such a lack of respect” and later lodged a complaint with GNR assuming that she could only identify the offender “who did not come forward and went” , in case he sees it again.

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“Because it was serious, it is a crime and I should not be silenced as a woman! No woman should be silent in the face of a sexual harassment situation in any way! I am posting the situation to warn and (women) be careful.”

Ines Henrique ranked 20th in Athens 2004, 15th in London 2012, and 12th in Rio 2016.