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Olympic Games / Swimming.  Can Mary Wattle really win the medal?

Olympic Games / Swimming. Can Mary Wattle really win the medal?


She marked her territory

Although he was not happy with his series on Saturday, Mary Wattle left the horses in the semifinals on Sunday. On the Tokyo bed, the 24-year-old hot-saward won by a certain margin, in addition to a supersonic time (56”16, the new French record and the ninth best performance in history!). On his opponents, especially the Australian Emma McCain and the American Tory Huskey.

A way to put pressure on them before Monday’s final.

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He has not been chained in two high-level races in a row

As he continues to call himself in the finals of international tournaments, Wattle has always excelled in the semi-finals, except during the European Championship in Budapest.

In Guangzhou in 2019, the sprinter improved his personal prowess, stopping in the top eight swimmers (57”00) (eighth in 57”29).

His enemies can go fast

This final will be unknown. Although Wattle has won his semifinals, Husky and McKinn have already swum faster than Sunday time. Team USA swimmer had the best performance of the year at 55’66, while the Australian flute dropped in the heat (55 ’82) below 56 seconds.

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But above all, there is one woman who appears above the others: Yufi Zhang. The Chinese recorded the best time on Sunday at 55 “89, and were under 56”. Finally, the diminished, Olympic champion and world record holder, Swedish Sarah Zostrom, is a long way off. So the hot-saward will definitely have to win his personal best again to expect a glamor.