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Omża Vive gave the contestant a quarter of an hour.  Residents of Keells had fun with Crobry

Omża Vive gave the contestant a quarter of an hour. Residents of Keells had fun with Crobry

There is no question of surprise in cocoa. Crobry lost to Łomża Vive 29:45, and it was very easy for that team to score from Keells. This is Keelsey’s fifth win in the PGNiG Super League.

Mikey Kozhevsky

Dylan Nahi

WP SportoweFakty / Tomasz Fąfara / Photo: Dylan Nahi

The meeting in Koko took place according to a scene familiar to fans. Currently, 10th in the table, Crobry Kokov started with ambition. Initially, Rafaz Jamio ஏற்கனவே was already effective and active in the attack as he had already scored 3 goals in the third minute. Somia Vive was already 3: 5 in the 5th minute after two consecutive successful shots by Nicholas Turnat.

The hosts struggled on an equal footing for some time, minimizing losses by one goal. However, from 7: 8, only Keells’ team was full of stars. Łomża Vive is easy to get a score of and Vitaly Knot asked for time and tried to change it.

However, Keells was unable to stop the engine. The spectators took the lead by nine goals before the break, after Sikwaldi Gudjonsen and Dylan Nahi scored. In the end, the first half ended with 15:23.

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The Polish champions, led by Talent Duishev, won the start of the second half 4: 1, but did not turn the tide as much as possible. The game was chaotic, there was not much room for a long ball game, only for quick attacks. Due to unprepared conditions, the goalkeepers crossed a lot of balls.

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Coco didn’t have big emotions until the end. Hugh Thursterson scored the 40th goal from the penalty spot with 6 minutes left. In the end, the Polish champions won 45:29 and added three more points to the PGNiG Superlika table.

Crobry Kokov – Viveomża Vive Kielce 29:45 (15:23)

Crobry: Teruviankin (5/26 – 19%), Stachera (3/17 – 18%), Globe (1/6 – 14%) – Jamio 6, Vlovskyvich 6, Mathusak 4, Vaikilk 3, Padrek 3, Kriviki 2, Orpic 2 , Grabowski 2, and Skiba, Warmijak, Krzysztofik Przysiek, Kosznik.
Karne: 2/2.
Penalty: 6 minutes (Wloskiewicz, Krzywicki, Matuszak – 2 minutes each).

Viveomża Vive: Wolf (9/21 – 41%), Kornecki (8/19 – 42%) – Nahi 9, Throtterson 9, Morito 7, Coralek 5, Chico 5, Turnot 3, Goodzanson 3, Tomagana 2, Wujovic 1, Farouk 1 and Sergeil, Sanchez.
Karne: 5/7.
Penalty: 8 min. (Karalek, Chico, Tournat, Tomagana – 2 minutes each).

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