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On Smile Day, discover the smiles of each zodiac sign

On Smile Day, discover the smiles of each zodiac sign

From the most fake to the most authentic, from the most charming to the most gentle, from the most compelling to the least compelling, it is estimated that a human can make about 50 kinds of smiles. And just like personalities, smiles can also be influenced by the zodiac. Are Virgo residents more smile than Aries people? Or are Geminis more likely to forget a thread?

As part of Smile Day, celebrated on October 7, Impress, the leader in invisible orthodontics, is demystifying each sign’s smiles and revealing the characteristics of each one:

Capricorn | spontaneous smile
Capricorns are naturally determined and hardworking. Because they are so focused on work, their smile sometimes goes unnoticed. However, for this very reason, when they smile, they do so spontaneously and poetically.

Aquarius | expressive smile
Creative and easy-going, Aquarius people are generally good at problem-solving. Aquarius has the most expressive smiles in the zodiac.

fish | mysterious smile
Calmness, calm, understanding and empathy are some of the qualities that characterize the indigenous fish population. These people tend to have a charming and mysterious smile.

Aries | unforgettable smile
Sheep are passionate people who are open to new experiences. The smile of a sheep is distinguished by its great initiative, it is a seductive and unforgettable smile for many. This is a sign with smiling eyes and a smile capable of conquering any person;

bull | big smile
Taurus are calm and persistent people who love stability and practicality in life, and do not forget the exploratory side that wants to discover each of the five senses. The sum of these characteristics gives Taurus a strong smile that accompanies his passion for life;

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twins | unexpected smile
Geminis are distinguished by their intellect and intuition, as well as their humorous impermanence. Like the Gemini natives, your smile is fickle and can be unpredictable, however, when it appears infectious and genuine;

crab | nice smile
By nature kind, sensitive, and caring for each other, Cancers always have a smile “up their sleeve.” The smile of this sign is a mirror of her good spirit.

lion | captivating smile
Leo people love to be the center of attention and are known in the zodiac world for their self-confidence and infectious sense of humor. The smile of a lion is captivating, warm and welcoming.

virgin | moderate smile
Known for perfectionism and organization, Virgos are practical and straightforward people who strive for perfection throughout their lives. Virgo natives tend to express their temperament in moderation and with controlled smiles, but despite this, their smile remains genuine;

scale | irresistible smile
Libra smiles are smiles that do not go unnoticed. Characterized by empathy and devotion to others, Libra is elegant and romantic. Your smile is known to be irresistible;

Scorpio attractive smile
Scorpio’s energy is contagious and people who belong to this sign are distinguished by their ability to redefine paths when necessary. A Scorpio smile is an alluring and intense smile, just like the original inhabitants of this sign;

Sagittarius | contagious smile
Sagittarius are cheerful, well-meaning and playful, therefore, for such people, smiling is natural, natural and they do it even in the most dangerous situations. A Sagittarius smile is a cheerful and contagious smile.