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On the contrary, Israel says no.  But behind the scenes, talks are taking place that no one wanted before the terrorist attack.

On the contrary, Israel says no. But behind the scenes, talks are taking place that no one wanted before the terrorist attack.

ISTANBUL (Aftenposten): It has been a long time since so many people spoke passionately about a Palestinian state. Everyone except Israel.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken (TV) met with Israeli President Isaac Herzog at a security conference in Munich last week.

News analysis: Just a few weeks before October 7th, the Norwegian Foreign Minister visited Israel and the West Bank.

Annekin Hoitfeldt should note that it has been 30 years since the signing of the Oslo Accords. In the 1990s, historic agreements gave hope that the conflict in the Middle East could be resolved. The Palestinians had to have their own state.

But for most people it was a broken dream. Both Israelis and Palestinians today see the Oslo Accords as a grave mistake. several Researchers Take advantage of the opportunity Announce The two-state solution is dead.

Western leaders questioned this rhetoric. But the two-state solution has in fact fallen to the bottom of the agenda. For many years, the United States and the Arab countries did not The Israeli left They were particularly keen to discuss a Palestinian state.

But then Hamas attacked Israel.

Work on blast

The Israeli response was merciless. Criticism of the Israeli war in Gaza is growing around the world. Also in the USA. This is noted by President Joe Biden, who has so far stood firmly by Israel.

Now the Biden administration and a group of Arab countries are working hard to reach a comprehensive plan for peace between Israelis and Palestinians. This is what the newspaper wrote Washington Post last week.

The plan must include a concrete timetable for establishing a demilitarized Palestinian state. Details will be worked out after the two sides reach a ceasefire in Gaza and Hamas releases all hostages.

The United States will announce these plans as soon as possible – long before the start of the US election campaign. The ambition is to release the hostages quickly. Preferably before the Ramadan holiday begins on March 10.

It is also the deadline given by Israel to Hamas to release all hostages. Otherwise, the Israeli soldiers will move to Rafah. It could be a bloodbath.

The Israeli government pledged to continue fighting until an investigation was achieved

The Israeli government pledged to continue fighting until achieving “final victory” over Hamas in Gaza. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that a Palestinian state is no longer on the table.

Some optimism

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar and the UAE are participating in the talks.

There must be some optimism among Arab diplomats. They are leading the talks with the Palestinians. The hope is to form an interim Palestinian government. The idea is that it should consist of TechnocratsTechnocratsExperts in different fields, such as finance and security.instead of politicians.

It will then be tasked with the enormous task of rebuilding Gaza and getting the Palestinian economy back on its feet. When trust is rebuilt, elections must be held.

Hope to “change the rules of the game” in America

However, doubts remain great in the Arab world. After all, there have been many attempts to establish a Palestinian state before.

But then the more difficult questions were always postponed until later. Therefore, the Arabs are now demanding a clearer timetable. They want specific details from the beginning.

There is one thing in particular that could be a game-changer in convincing Arab leaders: if the United States agrees to recognize a Palestinian state from the beginning.

It should be one of the points on the list of possible actions, according to the Washington Post. France and Britain have already indicated that they might agree.

The only problem is the reactions it caused in Israel.

Israel flatly rejects

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been clear that the establishment of an independent Palestinian state is out of the question.

On Sunday, the government approved A Accuracy. It rejects all international attempts to “unilaterally impose on us the establishment of a Palestinian state,” according to Netanyahu.

He believes this will reward terrorism. that it A very large number of Israelis I agree with him on. For some it will be straightforward Betrayal of the victims of October 7.

Collectively against the world

Even before October 7, there was belief in a two-state solution In free fall in Israel. Admittedly, resistance had some important nuances.

On the one hand stands the religiously and ideologically motivated settler movement. They believe that the Palestinian territories belong to biblical Israel. This is a vocal group, but it is still a minority in Israel.

On the other hand, many moderate and secular Israelis were open to establishing a Palestinian state if it meant greater security for Israel. This is a much larger group. But after October 7, it became very difficult to convince them that a Palestinian state was compatible with the ability of Jews in Israel to live a secure life.

Until recently, these nuances were also present in the Israeli government. This is despite him being referred to as the most influential in the country's history.

But the idea that Israel's allies might give the green light to a Palestinian state without being asked to do so rallied the government. Therefore, the Biden administration has an enormous task ahead of it.

Netanyahu said on Monday: We are all united that Israel must not surrender to international dictates on such an existential issue.

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