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On the verge of turning 50, Barbara Guimarães meets a new friend

On the verge of turning 50, Barbara Guimarães meets a new friend

BArbara Guimarães was present on Wednesday, April 19, on the “Julia” show for an intimate conversation with Julia Pinheiro.

Although it was announced that the caller would be talking about her new boyfriend, she did her best to avoid questions about it.

Bárbara wanted to “protect herself,” as Julia Pinheiro explains, but she let it slip at a heavy price:

“Something beautiful is definitely happening and it’s very good. We’re all living lives that for me will be a new chapter. It’s a new decade.”

When a photo was revealed showing her and her new boyfriend wearing a helmet, the presenter confirmed that Thiago Raposo Magalhaes was the man eight years her junior who had won her heart.

The businessman is the CEO of CRM Motorspor, which is dedicated to organizing car competitions, prompting Barbara to say live that she is living a phase in which she is most associated with “speed”.

This new relationship comes after the face of SIC has been dating for about four years with pitchfork Carlos Bigado and the turbulent divorce of Manuel Maria Carilho, the father of her two children.

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