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“One comes, another comes.”  Cristina Ferreira's first words after a holiday nightmare – Nacional

“One comes, another comes.” Cristina Ferreira's first words after a holiday nightmare – Nacional

He barely had time to rest. Shortly after arriving in Lisbon after a turbulent vacation, Cristina Ferreira appeared on TVI to appear in the program “Dois à 10”. Claudio Ramos had his heart in his hands until the last minute, as his vacation could be in jeopardy if Cristina continued to stay on the other side of the Atlantic due to bad weather that caused chaos at the airport.

But Cristina managed to arrive on time and said with a smile: “Good morning. It is a situation where one person arrives and another goes,” said the presenter at the beginning of the “Dois à 10” program.

“Claudio is on his well-deserved vacation this week and that is why he will not be here with us… He will be present with his heart, as we say, in any way… But a little kiss for him,” said Cristina, justifying Claudio’s absence from the morning show: “I hope everything goes well.” everything is okay. “I'm actually here today, I had a failed landing, so it's all good.”

“I thought this way: That's it, I'll stop in Porto and Ze Lopez will perform 'Dois at 10'. I was landing at 5:30 in the morning, so I had enough time… but we actually landed at 6,” he explained. :30 When the plane hit the runway, we climbed again. It's very windy.” “But here we have to fly in our conversations.”

Claudio will be resting these days, having given another “Big Brother” concert on Sunday and craving soup and rest, as people say, after very intense days of work. Remember, Christina headed to Miami to be with her boyfriend, but not everything went well. The tennis player coached by João Montero lost and announced that she would get a new coach… Cristina's boyfriend “disappeared” in front of this news… and “no one” knows about him. The TVI anchor then headed from Miami to the Turks and Caicos Islands, where tensions began with bad weather and planes. But all's well that ends well. She came back, tanned, and with a smile on her face.

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