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“One foot of the club” to the owner of a nightclub in Loiret

“It’s a hammer blow!”, Frank Lemaire, owner of the “Le 7” discotheque in Chongqing, near Orleans, responded after listening carefully to Jean Costex’s speech at the Health Care Council this Monday. The Prime Minister has announced that nightclubs will be closed for four weeks. “There are only 4000 more discos in France! I checked myself, this weekend’s Gents, and they told me we were the best students, we respect the ethics, the masks, the bass. “

The nightclub boss, who reopened his company at the end of August after being closed for more than a year due to Govt-19, talks about “Overall diligence, even shame! We are smashed when there is no evidence that the virus is spreading too much in nightclubs! Already, we are losing 20% ​​of our customers by wearing the mandatory mask, here we are at a great time. We wanted to.

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