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One in five IT professionals working for companies outside Portugal earn about 50% more - Negócios

One in five IT professionals working for companies outside Portugal earn about 50% more – Negócios

approx A fifth of IT professionals in Portugal (18.6%) work remotely for companies in other countries, a number that tends to grow. Eight out of 10 respondents in A study landing Reveals interest in working for companies outside Portugal. This is a fact that matches the almost unanimous preference of these professionals (99%) to work remotely. It will also be linked to the salary level practiced by companies operating in Portugal and companies hiring from other countries. Those who work for companies outside Portugal earn about 46.8% more than those who work for local companies, reveals Global Tech Talent Trends 2022sponsored by Volkswagen Digital Solutions.

Local accounts show that Lisbon is the region of the country where the average annual salary for an IT professional is highest, About 49 thousand euros. Nationally, the average is €44,449 Men earn, on average, 31.2% more than women In technology, the gap increased by 15% compared to last year.

maybe for this, Half of the available IT resources in Portugal (55.4%) operate in the Lisbon metropolitan area, a figure that reveals a greater concentration of these professionals in the capital, compared to last year (40%). Female representation in IT fields increased from 12.5% ​​to 18%.

Landing.jobe research also reveals that salary first and work-life balance dictate career choices for IT professionals working in Portugal. The youngest, with up to three years of experience, changes jobs more often, once every 1.4 years. Professionals with more than nine years of experience remain, on average, in the same job for four years and the number increases as seniority also increases.

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It also shows that for those who work for companies outside Portugal, the balance between personal and professional life is the main reason for the choice (25.3%). Nearly half of these professionals also say they would prefer to continue working from Portugal. Those who want to leave the country for work choose the opportunity of a better salary as the main reason. By regions, the majority of remote jobs at companies outside the country involve European companies, with the UK, France and Germany at the fore..

Conversely, Portugal is far from being able to compensate for the loss of national talent to companies abroad by attracting talent outside the country. Only 8.9% of IT professionals working in Portugal came from other countries, which is slightly lower than what we see in Europe and much lower than the reality of more competitive markets in this area, such as the United States. In Europe, the average number of foreign IT workers is 12%, and in the United States 38%.

The study also indicates that The vast majority of tech professionals have full-time jobs And about half (48.2%) have more than nine years of experience. Most jobs in this sector are provided by consultants and service firms, 27% according to this year’s edition of the study, and 17% in last year’s edition.

Programming is one of the main areas of IT employment (65.8% of professionals in this sector work in programming). Half have roles in full stacked areas, back end or front end. By programming languages, it is SQL that occupies the largest number of professionals (15.9%).

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In this study, 6,568 technology professionals participated globally. The local version of the report takes into account 2,082 responsesof those residing in the country. The survey was conducted between January and March on users of Landing.Jobs and other platforms for IT professionals.