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One of the most famous traders in the market points out 5 cryptocurrencies that can track Bitcoin by 50%

One of the most famous traders in the market points out 5 cryptocurrencies that can track Bitcoin by 50%

One of the most famous and respected analysts in Egypt Cryptocurrency merchant Michael van de Poppe, optimistic about encrypted He scored 5 alt coins that he thought should follow Bitcoin (BTC) a new high could mean a more than 50% increase in the price of BTC making it worth over $100,000.

one of Cryptocurrencies in the list of traders is cosmos (corn), the project called “Internet Blockchain“. According to the analyst, there is a high probability of an increase in the ATOM/BTC pair.

“This whole area we have here [0,00045 BTC – 0,00037 BTC no valor de $ 29,19 – $ 24] It’s definitely what I’m looking for in the coming period as a potential entry point.”

Additionally, the analyst says investors should be aware of Chailink (Link) which is still in a downtrend compared to Bitcoin (LINK/BTC), however, According to him, the pair is supposed to start a new bullish cycle at the end of this year and the beginning of next.

“We can conclude that we are nearing the end of this corrective period in which we may want to break this phase and go around some levels before we continue. Moving averages also play a role in this phase, which results in a sideways movement, but since we are reversing the moving averages, it is Sure I want to buy it.”

Curve, AAVE and Vechain

The third cryptocurrency in the analyst list is the curve (CRV), the native token of the decentralized Curve Finance exchange. In it, the trader said that Curve is showing some strength against Bitcoin (BTC/CRV), but the pair must pull the resistance at 0.0001 BTC ($6.49) for the bullish continuation.

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In fourth place in the Van de Poppe nominations is The Loan Protocol avi Which crypto strategist says that AAVE/BTC is very close to breaking a major resistance that could push the price of the crypto asset to a new all-time high.

“If we break this (0.005690 BTC at $367.89), I expect an acceleration towards the higher levels here (0.01 BTC at $646.56), possibly on the other side of the range. We’ve seen this happen before.”

Another last coin that the analyst checks is Vechain (Veterinarian Dr), a cryptocurrency that the analyst has been referring to since October, due to its potential for applications and the acceptance it is gaining among entrepreneurs.

In it, Van de Poppe notes that VET is still in a downtrend against Bitcoin (VET/BTC), but could see support at 0.0000015 BTC ($0.09) for a potential trend reversal.

“We are seeing lower highs and lower lows here, as I think we would like to see a new test done at these lower limits. You want to do a new test in this area before we have any expansions, but for sure it will be a great test that includes these cycles before we start to expand into a new cycle.”

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