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"One of the most tense moments of the program ..."

“One of the most tense moments of the program …”

Pedro Sawa and Teresa Silva were two of the sexiest competitors in “Big Brother 2020”. Montijo businessman and former hairdresser from Sintra starred in Ericeira’s house in one of the most tense moments in that version of TVI’s reality show, resulting in Pedro Soá’s expulsion.

However, about a year after the episode gave a lot to talk about at the time, the two former contestants are enjoying a good relationship and have shared meeting records at Theresa’s home.

“This photo shows a lot about our friendship and my interest in you Embed a Tweet . It was a pleasure to share ctg our adventures at BB, and welcome me very well into your wonderful home. 2, Warriors, Can be read in a post made by Pedro Soá.

Teresa Silva answered the show’s colleague, remembering the episode and the way they were able to overcome it: Pedro, we were the heroes of one of the most tense moments in the program, but we managed to prove that we act under pressure and that this is not our reality !! As the saying goes, “He who is in the monastery knows what is going on inside.” It is not through the TV screen that you know everything On the contrary, everything you see is very distorted … … Nice to meet you !! 🥰Can be read.

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