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One of them was arrested – he may have used tear gas in a restaurant

One of them was arrested – he may have used tear gas in a restaurant

About 25 people were inside the restaurant in Sogni when the man began spraying around him.

At 18.28 the police wrote that they had arrested a man who was inside a restaurant in Tangvall in Søgne.

The man sprayed himself with a spray that was probably CS gas – i.e. tear gas.

– There were approximately 25 people in the restaurant when the incident occurred. Many felt uncomfortable. No one was injured or needed medical attention. The person left the scene after the incident and was arrested at his home a while later, police wrote.

Police Operations Manager John Rebstad told VG that the man was reported to have suffered bodily harm, with no one seriously injured.

He says there was an incident in the past where the man caused a disturbance in the restaurant, but the course of the same day's incident is unknown.

Rebstad says there are doubts about whether the man was a guest at the restaurant or whether he came to spray.

– Spray on the ground. Some experienced discomfort, such as pain in breathing or burning in the eyes, Rebstad says.

He confirms that it is illegal to have such spray in Norway.

– Was it possible to continue dinner after that?

– There were a lot of people at the scene when the police arrived, and the place was ventilated so that the patrol would not notice anything special, Repstad answers.