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OnePlus 11 does not break, but it does hold up in the stress test

Zack Nelson, the host of the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel, has been very busy with various stress tests of his latest smartphones, OnePlus 11 being one of them. Expectations were pretty high, especially after the last two models were easily cut in half when it came to final testing.

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Nelson highlights at the beginning of the video that he sincerely hopes OnePlus has learned from its mistakes and corrected its smartphone’s structural weaknesses, especially when we consider the fact that the OnePlus 11 has a very different design than its predecessors.

Contrary to what one might expect, the smartphone started to lag for a long time before the flexibility test, which was disappointing in the performance of the fingerprint reader. Contrary to what happens with all other smartphones (including phones of the same brand), after scratching its screen, the sensor is no longer able to recognize the fingerprint, which makes it completely unusable.

After successfully passing the remaining tests, here we come to the final test time, where Zack Nelson applies a great deal of pressure to the edges of the smartphone to see if it breaks in half.

Its predecessors started in exactly the same place, in the upper half of the rear panel, below the imaging unit. When the moment of truth came, despite the unpleasant sounds and completely cracked glass, the truth is that the OnePlus 11 ended up unbroken.

However, the fact that its appearance was completely ruined and possible internal damage was done proves once again that the manufacturer still has a long way to go to be able to put itself on the same level as its competitors.

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