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OnePlus announces its merger with OPPO announces the end of the "Never Settle" era

OnePlus announces its merger with OPPO announces the end of the “Never Settle” era

“Through this deep and brotherly integration with OPPO, we will have more resources at our disposal to create better products for you,” Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus. Five months after the research and development (R&D) divisions merged, the formal merger of both companies is now taking place. The dominant number, given its size, will still be OPPO.

It took eight years of independence brought us many leading killers, Plus some of the best Android smartphones to hit the market. The future is open, and as a result of this integration, we may have more and better products.

After the merger, OnePlus will be a sub-brand of OPPO

“Over the past eight years, the OnePlus brand has moved on start For one of the world’s largest smartphone manufacturers, as a force to be reckoned with. In the category excellentWe are widely known in the industry for the quality of our products and ability to outperform competitors with much larger budgets. And among a tech enthusiast, like many of you, we’ve built an active community focused on openness and co-creation.” It can be read in the publication provided by Pete Lau, President of OnePlus, on the official forum for your brand.

The CEO’s post outlines the next steps for his company, the overall integration into OPPO’s architecture. However, the executive notes that OnePlus will continue to “operate independently,” without going into further details.

Under the new understanding, both brands will share more resources. Smartphone manufacturers will share files I know howand technical teams and more active, which is something I’ve been doing for several years. Now, however, in a deeper way.

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OnePlus will continue to “operate independently”


It is important to stress that OPPO and OnePlus have always had a close relationship, and now the next step is being taken. Keep in mind that both belong to the Chinese multinational BBK Electronics, in addition to Vivo and also Realme (a sub-brand of OPPO).

Given the above, we believe that this structural change will have more to do with the business and regulatory aspects of both companies. For the consumer, at least for now, we shouldn’t have big news or changes, keeping both manufacturers’ agendas intact.

Still looking at the CEO’s post, we see that it promises “more efficiency, for example, in providing software updates, stable, and in a faster way.” We are waiting to see exactly how far this goes with consumers.

Note that at the moment, both OnePlus and OPPO have their own software. They also have their own user interfaces (UI), OxygenOS, and ColorOS, respectively. So unless both teams work together from now on, or to achieve the same goal, it’s hard to imagine software updates and support simplification.

Merging with OPPO Could Bring More Cheap Smartphones to OnePlus

The first signs that OnePlus is changing course came with the introduction of the OnePlus Nord. It was the first affordable smartphone from a brand that focused 90% of its existence solely on high-end smartphones.

Something that will change since the end of 2019 and, above all, in the middle of 2020 with the departure of Carl Bay from the company. See, by the way, the opinion article on the gradual transformation of the company in question.

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In the future, we have more cheap smartphones to be launched under the OnePlus umbrella. We already have the Nord N10 and N100, as well as its successor, the OnePlus Nord N200.

By the way, one of their upcoming releases, OnePlus Nord 2, should be Rebranding Realme X9 Pro is a sub-brand of OPPO. Finally, OnePlus Nord N100 was also basically OPPO A53 with different Trademarks, so the precedent already exists.

The new OPPO is Huawei and the new OnePlus Honor

The grave of Huawei, once the world’s largest smartphone maker (albeit only for a while), has left a huge void in the market. cell phone. Committed to a remaining position, Huawei will sell its sub-brand Honor in 2020 which is now operating independently. In fact, we already have a new batch of Honor 50 smartphones with Google services.

However, in a few months, OPPO will occupy a large part of the market share that was owned by Huawei. Watch, right from the start, the dominance of China, the world’s largest smartphone market, a title that now belongs to OPPO.

This same strategy is applied to regions such as Europe, and necessarily also to Portugal. Now, this new balance of power is becoming evident with OPPO and OnePlus working together as Huawei and Honor have done in years past.

It remains for us, finally, to wish good luck to both manufacturers so that in the end the consumer will be the greatest beneficiary.

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