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OnePlus is making major changes to its update policy

OnePlus is making some changes to the way it updates its devices, which will certainly have an impact on the company’s future devices — but it does align with the plans of many other entities.

depending on the companyIt will now start providing up to four Android updates to its devices and five years of security updates. With that, what the company deems to be “select devices,” will start receiving up to four years of Android version updates, along with five years of system security updates.

The company does not say which devices will be included in this policy, but it certainly applies to new models that will be launched on the market and, possibly, also, some existing “premium” lines.

It will be interesting to see if this new measure will also be applied to the models sold in the Nord line, but at the moment there are no further confirmations on this.

Gary Chen, Head of Software at OnePlus, says the company is consumer-focused, and as such is always looking to meet consumer demands. Extending the update period counters this, giving devices more time to maintain their “useful life”.

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