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OnePlus Open: the foldable device tested in a resistance test

OnePlus Open: the foldable device tested in a resistance test

The OnePlus Open, the brand’s first foldable phone, has undergone an endurance test by popular YouTuber JerryRigEverything. Expectations of how well it would fare have been great, as OnePlus has a somewhat troubled history when it comes to the durability of its devices, namely the OnePlus 10 Pro, 10T, and 11 models.

The OnePlus Open has been resilient and has overcome the challenges faced by its predecessors. With an outer display protected by a ceramic layer, 20% more impact-resistant than Gorilla Glass Victus, the device only showed a few scratches. Furthermore, the internal display, made of the ultra-thin glass typical of foldable smartphones, proves resistant, although more susceptible to nail marks.

The internal display of the OnePlus Open reveals some sensitivity

In the scratch test, the aluminum side frame of the OnePlus Open proved vulnerable to scratches, while the back panel showed significant resistance. The heat test was also impressive, with the outdoor OLED display enduring an open flame for 10 seconds before the pixels turned white. However, the internal display is more sensitive, with pixels dying in less than 10 seconds when in contact with flame.

The OnePlus Open’s ability to support up to 1 million folds was tested and the smartphone performed very well. He resisted bending in different directions without showing signs of weakness. This result highlights the durability of the device and ultimately represents a turning point for the brand in terms of the durability of its products.

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