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Only 11.83% of children in Barueri were vaccinated against yellow fever;  The multiple vaccination campaign continues until the 29th

Only 11.83% of children in Barueri were vaccinated against yellow fever; The multiple vaccination campaign continues until the 29th

On Friday, October 1, the National Multiple Immunization Campaign to update the vaccination handbook for children and adolescents up to 15 years of age began. At Barueri, vaccines are available in all UBSs Monday through Friday during each unit’s business hours.

On October 16, on the initiative of the State Government of São Paulo, instead of “D Day”, there will be a “V Day”: Saturday of National Mobilization, which, in addition to the UBSs, will also provide two mobile vaccination stations in Alfaville and Aldea da Serra, from 8 am to 4 pm.

All vaccines will be offered from the National Immunization Calendar for Children and Adolescents in order to reduce the risk of transmission of vaccine-preventable diseases, as well as to reduce vaccination schedule abandonment rates. Among the vaccines on the calendar are those against polio, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, measles, hepatitis A and B, tuberculosis, yellow fever and others.

The campaign runs until October 29. According to the Coordinator of Health Surveillance in Barueri, Rosana Perri Andrade Ambrogini, “Vaccination is of great importance in the fight against infectious diseases, diseases that were common in Brazil and in the world and which were combated by mass vaccination of the population, such as polio, measles, rubella, tetanus and whooping cough.”

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The surveillance coordinator states that it is essential that the entire target population (0 to 15 years old), along with parents or guardians, attend the health services, taking the vaccination booklet so that specialists can assess whether there is any vaccine containing It is given after or if doses need to be applied to complete the calendar recommended vaccination schedule.

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In Barueri, according to the Department of Health, based on SI PNI (National Immunization Program Information System), the vaccine with the lowest coverage in the city among children and adolescents is against yellow fever, with 11.83% vaccinated.

The objective of the Multiple Immunization Campaign is specifically to provide access to vaccines, update the vaccination portfolio, and thus increase vaccine coverage, and contribute to the control, elimination and/or elimination of immunization-preventable diseases.

Rosana Ambrogini recalls that Brazil pioneered the integration of different vaccines into the SUS calendar and is one of the few countries in the world that offers the entire population a variety of vaccines for every stage of life. .

“It is always important to remember that we have controlled diseases in Brazil and in the world, but these diseases may return if the collective agreement to prevent diseases is broken when people stop immunizing,” the coordinator said.

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  • FIEB / EEFMT Maria Theodora Pedreira de Freitas – Av. Andrômeda, 500 – Alphaville
  • Residential Morada dos Pássaros – To confirm – Avenida dos Pássaros, s/n – Residential Administration Morada dos Pássaros – Aldeia da Serra.